Cannot move or delete files or folders

Good morning

Testing DTPO_2.

At moment I have 3 databases with lot of Folders and lot of documents.

First I create a database with one folder and one subfolder included 6 files.
2 Pictures
3 PDF and text
1 table.

Later on I open 2 databases from V1 and convert both to V2.
This convert databases work well or I see no mistake at moment.

But in the first DB I …

a) Cannot move a file to one of other DB.
b) Cannot delete a file.
c) Cannot drag and drop a file from desktop in DB. When I drag the file in DB window the limit line change to blue, that’s normal work.
d) I see no lock of DB or file.
e) When I click on file the delete button in top of window is not workable.
f) When I click on file in DB and use copy and insert the file on desktop it works well.

I have no idea whats wrong.

Can someone help me, maybe it’s a little problem.


Now I see following

In the “wrong” database I cannot use tool:

New database

Only backup restore is available.

But when I use this it comes an error info when I use the backup from 19.11.2009.


I found a pragmatic solution.

I can copy and paste the files in a new folder on desktop and delete the wrong database.

Copy and paste works well ?

But what is the cause of this wrong behavior ?

Maybe it comes in the future ?


Sounds like the database is read-only (e.g. due to permission/ownership issues or depending where it’s stored) and therefore all commands modifying the database are disabled.

Your answer was very helpful and the solution.

I have look again in files, database ind DTPO_2 and found following.
The database “Testdatenbank_2_beta” was locked in finder, see info in finder.
My idea was when I do this I cannot delete the database.
In DTPO_2 the info of database show no protection.
I have activate in DTPO_2 the database, see screenshot but this is not a right activation of database.
I have delete the protection in finder and then I can work in database.


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