Cannot open DEVONagent Express

It used to work, but no longer. Running a MacBook Pro 14" M1 (2021), Ventura 13.0. I can’t remember when it stopped working, as I haven’t used it that much. Downloaded it afresh, still no.

Did you download it from the App Store or from our website? In addition, is there enough space left in the menu bar?

Hi cg, I downloaded it from website. I also have a running ticket with Support. I think there’s enough space in the menu bar, but even if not (and menu bar space changes) it should open from either the icon in the dock, or in Applications – but neither work. Thanks for looking to help!

Which version of macOS do you use?

Ventura, 13.01

Does it work after updating to 13.2.1?

No. I just updated to 13.2.1, and it is the same. It will not open – unresponsive.

Is it actually not responding or not launching?

Are you running Bartender or similar utility to manage menubar apps?

CG, I’m not sure of the difference. It is completely unresponsive – will not open or launch.

Bluefrog, No no app managing the menubar.

Okay, problem solved. I was reading in the community posts, and learned what Bartender can do, plus Bluefrog had mentioned it, so I figured I’d try that. I downloaded Bartender 4, and set it up, and DEVONagent Express was visible and opened easily. Evidently I have to use the DaE icon in the menu bar to open it (didn’t open in the Applications). At any rate, it works now, and thank you all for your help in this!

Evidently I have to use the DaE icon in the menu bar to open it

That’s correct. Opening the application only loads it in the menubar. To work with it, you interact with it in the menubar.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: