Cannot open Devonthink3 since i updated macos

i have updated my macos to ventuna last night, and now when i try to open DT there tell me that my global inbox failed to be verified, and then the repair also failed. After that DT just stopped proceeding. So I cannot open any document saved in DT now and it really bothers me…
Sorry for my language cuz english is not my first language ><

Welcome @adelma

Upgrading to Ventura on a Mac would have no effect on DEVONthink To Go on mobile.

Are you getting the error on your Mac or iOS device?

it’s on my mac. It looks like that something is missing but I dont know what it exactly is. I screenshot it as below:
截屏2023-03-06 17.52.09

See the Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files section of the built-in Help and manual

Thanks for ur advice, but I find out that I cant open the log window cuz I couldnt open the dttg at first place. Every time when i click the icon of the app, something pops out as my screenshot shows and then it will quit automatically no matter which option i choose. And actually the “airdrop” is not a file, it is the global inbox which i have renamed…

You are referring to DEVONthink To Go now when you were reporting an issue with DEVONthink.
Please clarify

then it will quit automatically

  • Actually quit and show a crash report?
    • If not, press Continue and DEVONthink will do a verification on the database. Select File > New Window.

!Thanks! Now I have chosen the right tag. Yes, it just quits and shows a crash report. I checked the Help and deleted the preference files of devonthink, and now the app just tells me that ‘inbox.dtbase2’ seems to be in use, which I’m sure it’s not, and it quits again after I clicking Continue. And I cannot find the file ‘inbox.dtbase2’ in my mac right now…