Cannot open Powerpoint PPTX (PPT no problem)

I’m surprised that all my Powerpoint XML-based PPTX files in the database do NOT open (PPTX is supported in iOS viewer). Meanwhile the older Office format PPT, XLS, and DOC opened fine.

Any plan to fix them, or at least allow Open in…?

We are using Apple’s built-in viewer for these files. As far as we know, we should be able to open any document supported by the iOS “Office” file viewer.

Thanks Michael – Are you suggesting that the PPTX should open in DDTO?
What I’m saying is that PPT / DOC / XLS could be opened in DTTO, not the XML-based ones. I can open both PPT and PPTX using the Apple’s built-in Viewer, say in iPhone’s Mail. So something is wrong with DDTO. While attempting to open PPTX (which successfully opened in iOS Mail), DDTO will say “Document cannot be displayed. This document is either not available or cannot be displayed of other reasons”.

Note I don’t have “Office” file viewer like Documents to Go yet in iPhone. FYI I’m running iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4.

There is the same issue for Excel spreadsheets. xlsx files generate the message, “Document cannot be displayed”, and there is no option for opening them elsewhere. In the case of docx files, they do display, but the Kind is described as Rich Text. The lack of support for xlxs files is a major issue for me. Other apps such as GoodReader display them without a problem.

Clarification would be appreciated on whether this is a DTTO issue or not. The reply to my previous post on this topic indicated that these formats were “not supported” by DTTO.

The short answer is PPTX is not supported in DTTG. However, we are using Apple’s built-in viewer. The fact you can view these documents in Mail does not indicate we are not using Apple’s file viewer, it means Apple supports formats in their code and does not supply that support to 3rd party developers. Hence all the “Office format” viewer applications (if the Apple supplied viewer “did it all”, there would be no need for these applications - and they cost a pretty penny to boot).

Could DTTG provides a “Open With…” for any third party apps presents on iOS that can do the job then? For example Clicking on PPTX when QuickOffice or Documents to Go is installed on iOS will open them in those programs, so at least I can carry the PPTX etc. with DTTG database to “read”.


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DTTG already supports an “Open with…” capability. We plan to support as many popular iOS applications as possible as we release updates.