Cannot search for imported handwriting notes or goodnotes pdf


I used to handwriting on ipad notes or goodnotes. However, when I export to devonthink, these pdf become unsearchable. Even I try to OCR them, they did recognised some characters but far less than what they behave in original notes or goodnotes app.

Did I miss anything?


Which app did you use for OCR?

@cgrunenberg I think I used the OCR add-ons: ABBYY.

OCR on handwriting is only supported in a limited fashion and is not usually supported at all in many applications.

I would see if Goodnotes (which we don’t run in-house) has any export to text options.

Actually the imported pdf from goodnotes is searchable in DT3.

It was not working for me earlier is because I wrote on 90 degrees rotated pages. Sorry for that.

So the easiest way to export handwriting from ipad to DT3 is: Write in goodnotes, when finish choose “Export This page”, and select DT3. Done!

@BLUEFROG Another question if you don’t mind.

I noticed DTTG allow us to add handwriting annotation, but it seems not OCRed and not searchable. Is it right? Thank you.

Yes, that is correct.