Cannot search in 1 of 2 pdf file if open in finder preview

For example I have 2 .pdf files.

Name1.pdf, 2 pages, 20 kB, Information say Typ: PDF+Text
Name2.pdf, 77 pages, 377 kB, Information say Typ: PDF+Text

If I open both with external preview -not in DT- I can search in name1 and I obtain results. In Name2 this is not possible.

WHY ???

Both files stored in:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink/Files/…

Can someone help me ?

Make I a mistake ?



Name2.pdf is image only, it appears. That is, it contains no text. This could result, for example, by scanning a document to produce a PDF copy, but not using OCR (optical character recognition) to convert the picture of text into computer-readable text. Or, it could have resulted from importing a security-encrypted PDF into DEVONthink – some PDF files are copy-protected by their owner in such a way that DEVONthink can import only an image of the original file.

It’s not your fault! :slight_smile:

By searching this forum you should find several discussions of PDF security.


Thanks for your anwser.
I will search in this forum about .pdf diskussions later. :wink:

By the way-

If i make a copy of this file name2 to the finder I can search in this document with Adobe Acrobat and find results.

So I think its a problem with Preview.

I have check a folder in DT with 16 .pdf’s and found that I can search in 8 files and in 8 files I cannot search with Preview.



Thanks for the additional information. I have one more question. In DEVONthink using the Vertical Split view, select one of the PDF files that is searchable in Acrobat, but not in Preview.

In the line just beneath the tool bar you should see a line reflecting information about that file, including the file name, type, and size. If there’s a word count > 0 on the right side of that line, DEVONthink was able to index the PDF file’s text content. If not, DEVONthink found no text in the PDF.

PDF files can be produced by many applications and come in a variety of versions.

Apple has reported instances of PDFs that could be opened in Acrobat but not in versions of Preview earlier than OS X 10.3.4.

My only suggestion at this point is to try opening in Acrobat and saving a copy of one of the PDFs that’s not searchable in Preview. Is the copy searchable in Preview?

Hey Biil.

Thank You.

I don’t know exakt what you mean.

I think you mean:

Vertical Split view means the middle view (3 of 5 different views)
I have select the files in the left window and the info in the right window for the 2 files are

Name: Name1 / Name2
Typ: PDF+Text / PDF+Text
Etikett: / (no Ettikett)
Size: 377 kB / 20 kB
Dimensions: 595 x 842 Pixel / 595 x 842 Pixel
File: 1552 kB / 11 kB
Words: 24190 / 406

The file Name1 is not searchable in Preview
The file Name2 is searchable in Preview