Cannot see the selections at bottom of "clip to devonthink"

I really appreciate the functionality of “clip to devonthink” bookmarklet in getting Firefox contents into DT. However, sometimes I do not know how to get to the selection buttons at the bottom, when the bottom is not showing beyond the browser’s bottom boundary. Is there a way to drag the clip window so that the bottom can be seen? Or would it make the buttons more accessible by placing them at the top?


The position and the size of the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet “panel” are fixed. To see the buttons simply enlarge your browser window a bit :slight_smile:

Yes, enlarging the browser window is the solution to see the bottom buttons. One way is to “zoom out” to make the clip panel smaller. But all these require a few additional moves, which works against the purpose of the bookmarklet to make clipping simple and easy.

For the next version, can the selection buttons be at the top of the panel to make selection easier? Appreciate all your hard work on this very useful program.