Cannot sync (IOS5 - OS X 10.7.2)


Since the upgrade to IOS5 and Lion 10.7.2, i’m unable to sync my devices with DevonThink Pro Office.

The computer is seen by the DTTG but i get the “can’t connect” error message or nothing at all…
This happens at the really start, before the screen where i can select the databases to sync.

I’ve tried to reset the DTTG, turn off the phone and using an ad-hoc network but it doesn’t change anything.

Other applications can sync using Wifi without any problems.

Is there something with Lion 10.7.2 ?
I have iCloud activated on my Mac, i don’t know if this can be an issue ?



I’ve had no issues syncing to an iPad 2 running iOS 5 from a MacBook Air running OS X 10.7.2 and with iCloud activated.

If you had previously synced from the iPad to the Mac, there’s no harm in clearing the current database(s) in DT To Go on the iOS device.

In Settings > Apps > DEVONthink > Troubleshooting there’s a Reset option, Reset at Startup, that will clear all settings and the existing databases the next time DEVONthink To Go starts.

When the iPad was first released, that worked. All databases were cleared next time DT To Go was launched.

But it no longer works unless an intermediate step is taken, to Quit DT To Go. That’s because, as Apple released updates to iOS, more multi-tasking functions were added. The result is that DT To Go doesn’t Quit when you press the Home button. It remains active.

Here’s how to Quit DT To Go so that the Reset option will work and you can clear your existing database(s):

  1. Double-tap on the Home button to display the Task Bar, which will display the icons of all running applications.

  2. In the Task Bar, locate and “touch and hold” the DT To Go app icon. The icon will begin shaking, and a “-” button appears. Touch the “-” button on the DT To Go icon and it will disappear from the Task Bar. It has been Quit. Tap the Home button once more, to make the Task Bar disappear.

  3. Now, if you had previously activated that Reset on Start option above, the next time you launch DT To Go it will clear the database(s).

If you have installed and launched a number of apps, they will remain active, each using a bit of the iPad’s resources. You can use that Task Bar trick to Quit any non-Apple apps that you don’t plan to use soon, or may not need to continue automatically receiving data.

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your answer.

Actually i did the trick mentioned in your post in my tests and it wasn’t helping.

Since then, i had the opportunity to upgrade DTTG to 1.2 and that solved my problem. I thought i had the latest version as an updated was sent last week (if i remember well) but it wasn’t obviously the case…
(Maybe the Belgian AppStore is slower)

The only problem which remains and which doesn’t have much to see with DevonThink is that the sync only works when i create an ad-hoc network.
This wasn’t the case before i upgraded to Lion and also occurs with some other softwares, but not with all.

If you have any clue about it, i’m interested :wink:

Thanks for your help,