Cannot update password of WebDAV server

I recently changed my password on the WebDAV-Remote. I wanted to change it in DevonThink TG 3.0.4 by editing the corresponding sync entry. However, the “Save”-Button is greyed out. Trying to add a new WebDAV-Access I noticed that the “Save”-Button only becomes active when providing a SyncStore-Name. This is not possible when editing an existing access (which makes sense), thus effectively making password changes impossible.

Instead of adding a new one, perhaps just edit the exisiting one? On the list of sync locations, press the Edit link, then press the pencil icon (top) for the existing WebDav server? Works here.

I did not want to add a new one, this was just a test. What you described (edit the existing one) is exactly what I tried. In that the SyncStore-Name field does not have an entry, cannot be edited, and consequently the changes cannot be saved.

I can confirm.

@eboehnisch There appears to be no way to change passwords for existing sync stores in DTTG3, as the store name and subsequently the save button are greyed out.

I have confirmed this too and have filed an issue on it.
Thanks for your patience, assistance, and understanding

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Thanks for your swift response and otherwise excellent apps!

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You’re welcome. It was a good find!

Any estimate on when this will be fixed? I’m starting to consider reinstalling the sync.
Could I just create a new WebDAV sync internally with the same sync store name as the existing one?

Yes you should be able to delete the existing one, then create a new one.