Canonical GTD set-up

Lately been using DTPro for a GTD system. I have been spending a lot of time in DT organizing my courses, grants, and research, so I figured I’d set up my GTD system in DTPro. I created a dedicated GTD database that syncs nicely to my iOS devices with DTtoGo. I created a folder for Next Actions, Projects, Agendas, Project Support, Someday/Maybe. I create separate plain text next action lists by context (@Computer, @Phone, @Home, @Office, @Errands). I like to edit the lists with Multimarkdown Composer. I create one flat Projects list in my Projects folder, separated completely from next actions, as per GTD canon. I also set up additional folders called “Goals”, “Checklists”, “Reference”, “Deadlines”, “Logs”, and “Project Tracking”. I like how DTPro is like a virtual paper system: it gives me the flexibility to manage my tasks how I like. I can organize text files for bulleted lists, and spreadsheets for tracking workouts, sleep, etc. Syncing is pretty solid. I use to sync my DT databases.

Thanks for sharing this!

Indeed! Database construction and organization is usually a highly personal choice. We all think about our data organization in our own ways and DEVONthink accommodates many different approaches.