CanoScan LIDE 70 opinion?

Has anyone tried the Canon CanoScan LiDE 70 with DTPro? I’m really looking for a light weight flatbed scanner that I can take to the library with my MacBook and grab excerpts from books that are not allowed out of the library.

It’s less than 4 lbs, which is good, but I’m worried about the scan quality.

Thanks in advance,
Jay P.

I’ve got one, and that’s one of the ways I’ve used. Scan quality is fine.

Two issues:

  1. it’s a bit noisy/squeaky. It’s not silent; you cannot use it in a reading area of the library, only in a designated photocopy room.

  2. some libraries don’t allow you to scan using flatbed scanners, due to potentially harming the book. At best, they might allow pen-scanners. YMMV.

  3. If I recall from my trial correctly, it works fine with DTPO through Image Caputre. However, there is a problem with these scanners and Adobe Acrobat for direct scanning. Of course you can scan through Image Capture, and then open it with Adobe.

Besides those three issues, it’s actually helped with digitizing manuscripts quite well…the images are easier to read than the originals due to page coloration. It’s cheap, light, and doesn’t require its own power source (USB). My only wish is that it was quieter. If anyone has any suggestions for a truly silent flatbed that’s portable, I’m all ears.

Well, the noise issue worries me a bit, but there are places in the library I could go. Thanks a lot!

Jay P.