Can't abort a failed sync caused by other Mac being asleep

I have two Macs with hourly direct sync set up from the main machine.

If the secondary mac is awake it works fine.

Sometimes (not always) if the secondary Mac is asleep at the sync time, the sync progress bar is showing on the main mac, but not progressing. The log window has appeared saying about remote device not available. Waking up the secondary Mac does not enable it to continue, and I cannot stop the sync (no little cross on the progress bar). DTPO will not quit, and all I can do is force quit DTPO.

If I deliberately sleep the secondary Mac, and launch a sync from the main Mac (trying to reproduce the problem) the sync progress bar appears, attempts to sync, gives a brief message about action required on remote device then disappears gracefully, but does not put anything in the log window.

Maybe the difference is that I get the force quit situation if the secondary Mac goes to sleep during the sync, and the other situation of the secondary mac is asleep before the sync starts?

I have “wake for network access” checked “on” in the Energy Saver Pref Pane of the secondary Mac.

Any suggestions?


Sync will not wake a sleeping Mac. (Indeed, the “wake on LAN” has never seemed to work well with any app on a Mac.)

Thanks, so is there anything else I can do if I get a stuck sync? (apart from force quit?)

When I tried to simulate the problem by deliberately sleeping the second Mac, it did not wake it, but did not go into a stuck sync.

Could you start a Support ticket and send us the console log when it gets stuck? Thanks.

Thanks, will do.