Can't add email to devonthink pro office

I’m trying to “add email to devonthink” but for some reason I only get “0 messages added”

What happens is:

  • I select message in Mail
  • I select “add email to devonthink”
  • I see the “0 message” notification (and nothing has been imported)

This is on OS X 10.9 and Devonthink Pro Office 2.7.1
I’ve also reinstalled the mail plugin (twice just to be sure).

Any suggestion what could be wrong?

Any chance that the email has already been imported into DEVONthink? You will get the ‘Imported 0 mail messages’ notification if the email(s) are already present in the database.

It has the same title as another email but the content is different.

I tried a couple of other emails just to be sure but none of them gets imported

BTW did Devontechnologies create/migrate this forum March 14, 2003? I mean considering that we both joined that day about three hours apart :laughing:

LOL - @jem, you better start typing fast to catch up with Greg’s posting rate