Can't annotate PDF on iPad in DTTG?

I’m probably just being an idiot, but I don’t see how to annotate a PDF in DTTG on my iPad. Apps and iOS are up to date on 2019 iPad Pro, and I purchased the Pro package. On the settings screen, it has a gray box for “Purchased” and “Restore Purchases” is grayed out. I deleted the DTTG app and reinstalled it, but that didn’t help.

I tried several different PDFs, and they all had selectable text.

Any suggestions? Where is edit hiding?


When you open a pdf, it is right next to the title. Since my UI is in German, I hope the attached screenshot helps!

Page 18 of the DTTG manual describes the details of editing PDFs:.

I might be mistaken, but appears in-app purchases are now automatically activated when downloading an app a second time from the App Store (if purchased with that account before of course).

Thanks for the quick responses. With no action on my part, it seems that the your answers persuaded my iPad to behave itself and now it (usually) shows the editing tools at the top that it declined to show before.

Something seems flaky, but at least I can mostly mark up my PDFs now.


It’s been the case for me that when I click a PDF that is listed but not downloaded locally on DT2G; then I download the file so it opens; then no editing options are available. It’s a matter then out opening something else, then return to the first PDF and then, voila, button has appeared.