can't "collapse all"

I seem to have a problem when using opt-cmd-shift-"-" to “Collapse All”. Clicking on the menubar command “View>Collapse All” works fine, and so does opt-cmd-shift-"=" to “Expand All”.

I am using an ibook with accessibility functions activated (opt-cmd-"=" and opt-cmd-"-" to magnify/diminish screen views); could that have contributed to the problem?

It would save a step too if I didn’t have to select all the items on the list before trying to “Collapse/Expand All”. Better yet, I’d like to have the option as a contextual menu.

Yes, other applications and services may interfere with keyboard shortcuts.

You have to select the items because many people don’t want to expand ALL but just the selected items. What you prefer depends on your usage style. We haven’t implemented this as a contextual menu command because we don’t want to clutter it too much.