Can't delete entries from the search result

Why not?

Yes, you can delete search results. Use Tools > Search (which is what I use for almost all searches).

Select a result and choose Delete.

If you wish to see the item’s location, press Command-R to Reveal it.


You mean that the “Find” field at the top of the window does not behave like the “Search…” fonction in “Tools”?? Why not?

It is easier to use the field. It looks like the search field of Spotlight in the Finder’s windows, or any search in Mail or Entourage. Most people will use this over the one buried in Tools. And they basically do the same think.

FURTHERMORE, I just tried your way and it… did not work. Until I realized that I was pressing the “Delete” key instead of clicking the “Delete” button. SO, we can use the Delete key in the three-pane view, but not in the Search Results window? Why so many inconsistencies…


  • Enable the delete button at the top of the window at all times
  • Allow the use of the “Delete” key like everywhere else in DT Pro and on the Mac in general in the Search Result window


No, I don’t mean that. What I mean is that the Find field is a much more limited tool, so I rarely use it. See below.

The Tools > Search window gives more control over the search options, and they are immediately visible and editable. The Search window also provides some very useful options that are not available from the search field in the document window, e.g. similar word options.

So I disagree that they basically do the same thing. I recommend Tools > Search for “heavy-lifting” search operations, as this allows one to experiment with various search options and and similar word options.

There are times when I almost wish the search field in document windows wasn’t there. Because it is relatively difficult to inspect the search option settings or to change them, users can easily run searches with settings that are different from their expectations. Example: the search may be set for only a single group, whereas the user thought the search was database wide (or vice versa).

I disagree. The keyboard Delete key can do more than one thing, so it’s not consistent. But the Delete button in DT Pro does only one thing, and that very consistently. I recommend that you go to View > Customize Toolbar and make the Delete button a permanent resident on your toolbar.

I’m glad you are giving DT Pro a real “wringing out” and looking for inconsistent or aberrant behavior. Keep the comments coming. :slight_smile: