Can't delete files in indexed iCloud folder

Hi there,
I’ve indexed the folder “iA Writer” from my iCloud Drive.
From DT I have now access to all the files saved in this folder, I can also create new ones.
However when I delete a file and empty the trash, even if the files are not present in DT anymore, they are never deleted from their original iCloud location.
Any clue?

If you choose the option to delete only in the database, the external file is left as it was.

I don’t get the message which ask if I want to delete the files/folders or just remove them from the db.

It’s a while since I used it, but I think the options appear when you empty the Trash.

Right, but in this case, when I delete files from the indexed iCloud folder, I don’t get the message!?

In that case I have no idea what is happening. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Try this thread; Deleting Indexed Files