Can't download files with DA sometimes


I noticed something really weird with DA. Sometimes I can’t download a file from a website. From for instance, but not only. I click the hyper link and nothing happens. Huh???

If I copy the link, fire up Safari and paste it, bingo! it works. Really that’s strange. Am I the only one? Is my copy of DA cursed???

Hope you can help.

– Jérôme

One possibility is that you’ve already downloaded the file - DEVONagent doesn’t add the same download several times to its download manager.

No no, I select F11, the file is not downloaded. I’ve even made a search. Really I’m sure. That’s weird…

Argh! It happened again! DA won’t download this file, however it works with Safari:

PM G5, Mac OS 10.4.8

Hmmm… pressing “Download Now” on this page works as expected.

… but it doesn’t do a thing here :question:

This is mysterious! Mysterious because (a) this only happens with some hyperlinks, and (b) whenever I run accross this problem and use Safari instead, it works flawlessly. Strange.

I restarted Mac OS X — something I should have done in the first place, I know :blush: — and everything is back to normal. Must have been a transient network problem. Why this only affected DA and only some hyperlinks is beyond my comprehension though :confused: