Can't drop file below last thumbnail

I often use the thumbnail view in the Content inspector to add further pages to a document. My main window view is set up as Navigate/as List/Standard, with the inspector visible. My workflow is

  • select the document I want to add pages to
  • in the inspector set the Thumbnails view in the Content section (Ctrl 5)
  • drag and drop a document or page from any source to the inspector
    • specifically, try: open a new DT window, select a document and drag and drop the document to inspector (showing Thumbnails) in the first window

It is impossible to drag the new pages to the last position (that is below the last thumbnail in the inspector); the lowest drop point is immediately above the last thumbnail, meaning that I need to rearrange the pages after the fact.

Is it possible to fix that? :slight_smile: Or am I doing something wrong?

(DT 3.7, DT 3.6.3, macOS 11.2.3)

It’s a known limitation of the used control.

Life’s full of those; thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

The next release will include a workaround.

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Thank you so much :relaxed:

You genius - 3.7.1 is here and I can drop files below the last thumbnail :slight_smile: thank you so much!!

(Even today, I still have to send some documents via snail mail - but I download and print out the requisite postage stamp in the office. A copy of the document is, of course, stored in DT - and I always drop the postage stamp into the document, so I can later trace the letter if necessary. So I often need to drop a PDF to the end of another PDF - and now I can :))

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