Can't fetch documents on demand

I have a database, “Personal”, that I’ve set up with on-demand syncing. I can’t actually fetch the remote files, though:

  • On the main screen, under “Databases”, I tap “Personal”.
  • Under “Groups”, I tap “My Group” and see a list of JPEG, TIFF, and Web archive documents.
  • I tap a random document and see a thumbnail of it with a “Download (xxx KB)” button. I tap it.
  • The cloud at the bottom slowly starts to turn grey. It gets about a fifth of the way done, then stops.
  • I don’t have the document and still see only the thumbnail and “Download (xxx KB)” button.
  • I repeat with the other documents: same result. I hard-quit DTTG: unchanged. I reboot: still nothing.

I’m using DTPO 2.9.2 on my laptop, and DTTG 2.0.1 on my iPhone. Sync is through my own WebDAV server. I can browse that server from my laptop on the same Wi-Fi network.

Is there anything I can from my end to troubleshoot this?

Check the Home screen in DTTG2. If there is a triangle in the Sync icon in the bottom toolbar, there is some warning for Sync.

same Problem for me


two databases with on demand sync

  • one with box sync
  • one with dropbox sync

the dropbox db works as expected, fetching works as expected
the box db shows exactly the same behaviour as described by kstrauser

dttg shows non sync warnings.

No, there are no sync error icons. I’ve synced the global inbox to the same database (but set to always sync), and items move seamlessly from DTTG <-> WebDAV <-> my laptop.

This has happened to me on multiple occasions. No sync errors are displayed. Can’t understand why it is happening.

I made in the last days more test concerning this problem. As result, fetch of documents via box sync did not work on any of my devices (two ipads, one iphone).

The document can be downloaded, but will never be shown. It seems that the download will take place in background, but after finishing the only possibility is to download the document again.

With my DB synced via dropbox everything works fine with the same devices.

What can I do now ?

Open a support ticket or is this already an identified problem?

A support Ticket would be good here. Thanks.

Thank you very much bluefrog.

However, as a workaround, I switched my DB also to dropbox snyc . Beside of the fetching problems I also had the issue that the DB with box sync will permanently reload or load all items again

Everything works fine now with dropbox , all my documents are available.

May be box snyc has problems with connection stability?