Can't find all files after emptying trash

  • I noticed some files (in this case bookmarks) showed up twice in search. I must have imported some things twice.
  • I than deleted one of each copies. Strange enough the search still found two copies of each, this is because the deleted items are found in the Trash.
  • I emptied Trash and… now none of the copies can be found with Search, though still in the database. That seems a bug to me :frowning:

f.i. I twice imported a bookmark called Risotto, Trashed one of them, emptied Trash. Now Risotto can’t be found with search

Two questions:

  1. How can I get DTTG to find these files again
  2. Can I prevent Search to find files in Trash

As for 1) I did fix that, found the article over re-index metadata in the help…