can't find "append to note" command

Must be here somewhere? I’m trying to find the append command in the Services menu (both pull-down and interactive) from Safari, Pages, Mail, and others, but it doesn’t show up.

Am I looking in the wrong places?

(New mac, DTPro 2.3.4)


Click on the application name in the menubar, and choose Services, then Services Preferences.

This will open a System Preferences screen. In the left pane is a list of Services on your computer.

Scroll downwards in the left pane. Under the Text heading you will come to Services pertinent to your DEVONthink application. Make certain the one named DEVONthink…Append Rich Note has a check in the checkbox.

This Service will allow you to select an area of, e.g., a Web page and append the selected text/images to the last-created rich text note in your database.

Thank you! You just opened a whole new window for me.