Can't find files after moving them


I moved inbox files into a database of my choosing or at least I thought I did.

When looking to retrieve them I cannot find them in the database I thought I moved them to. When I search for a term within those notes to see where I moved them… search cannot find them.

there wasn’t an undo option for the move. And now I’m scratching my head. where they could have gone… they aren’t in the version history, doesn’t seem to apply to inbox files.

any ideas, anyone?


Welcome @thismoment

  • How did you move the files?
  • Are they indexed or imported files?

Hey @BLUEFROG, thank you. Love the product.

How did you move the files?
dragged from inbox to database

Are they indexed or imported files?
all data was created in inbox fro devonthink to go and databases created with devonthink.
so I think neither but for this use case it would be imported, yes ?

You’re welcome and thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile:

Those would be imported files.

  • What type of files are you seaching for?
  • What search terms are you using?

What type of files are you searching for?
they’re mostly RTF’s, some bookmarks, and maybe a url turned into PDF’s

What search terms are you using?
specific character names “his majesty the king”
other personal terms for more personal data.
also highly specific terms/words I don’t normally use like the character title above
I’ve used the with and without the " for searching

Really really silly question: are all your databases open/loaded? Just thinking along the lines of moved to database c whilst intending database a, c currently closed so search unavailable on that database. Long shot, I know…

And otherwise: run verify and repair on all databases.

Another possibility is that it’s now located in a group excluded from searching. Did you check the recent destinations in the e.g. Move To contextual menu?

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