Can't find table of contents for PDF files

When I open a PDF in Devonthink, I can’t seem to bring up the table of contents for the file. If I open it in another app such as Preview, then it is there. How do I show the TOC in Devonthink?

DEVONthink does not provide a Table of Contents view for PDFs.

A PDF solution that does not provide access to the TOC? Sounds like quite an oversight; feature request to the devs please!

In the meantime you can open PDFs in any PDF viewer you like with a right-click or cmd-shift-o.

My viewer (and, indeed, editor) of choice is PDF Expert.

Indeed, I use that too. It’s just a hassle to have to right click - open with - select app every time, when Devonthink is supposed to be able to cover most of your needs.

Well, it really isn’t advertised as “able to cover most of your needs”. The world is full of PDF apps that do a heck of a lot more than DEVONthink. But that’s not the point.

Don’t right click. As @scottlougheed said, use [size=110]⇧⌘O[/size] to open the selected document in the default app for that document. (Same as Data > Open With > Default)

Yes the keyboard shortcut is probably better. But it’s actually quite hard to hit those three keys simultaneously! And if you accidentally press the up before the other two, then the selector moves up and it opens the wrong document!

Change it.

Hehe…thought you might say that! I have changed it now :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, what “up” are you referring to? There is no “up” to press when using the default shortcut to open a file in an external application… If you fudge the shortcut, either nothing will happen (cmd-shift, or shift-o) or you’ll open the file in DTPO (cmd-o)…

Anyhow, largely a moot point since you’ve changed the shortcut, but I just wanted to make sure that your initial issue wasn’t a result of some misinterpretation of the shortcut.

The up I’m referring to is the up arrow above, as part of the shortcut mentioned!

You do not have to “hit…keys at the sane time” in the case instanced I select ⇧⌘ with my left hand and then hit O with the right hand—success every time!

Yes, you can try and select ⇧⌘ simultaneously - but if you don’t manage to get them exactly simultaneous and the ⇧ gets pressed before the ⌘, then the command is a ⇧ and therefore the file selector will move up one.

Umm… you don’t need to try and hit them simultaneously. If you keep your thumb on or near the Command button, it can be pressed before the Shift key quite easily.

Ohhhhh… you’re talking about the shift key! I was interpreting the up arrow as an up arrow (i.e. the up arrow on the keyboard, which moves the selector up one).

Why did you think the shift key was causing the selector to move up??? lol

I’m not sure who you are talking to here.

You and the other posters who have kindly tried to help. I’m not being disrespectful. I just thought that it was amusing that no-one had wondered why pressing the shift key was moving the file selector up (as would occur by pressing the up arrow)!

I think we were all puzzled by why the selector was moving up at all. I don’t think anyone thought the shift key was the culprit.

Anyhow, glad you got it all sorted!