can't get bookmarks from firefox


I am new to DA and am just setting things up. I am using Firefox 3.6 as my main everyday browser, and am hoping to set up DA as my dedicated Research browser.

I am having trouble seeing my Firefox bookmarks replicated in the DA Bookmarks drawer. I have Firefox selected in the DA preferences, but they just won’t show.

I can see the Safari bookmarks if I chose Safari in the preferences, but then I have the error reported in the other recent thread that I cannot click on the bookmarks from Safari… just the “beep” error.

My preference is to grab them from Firefox. How is this done? Am I missing something?


Check Firefox in Preferences > Bookmarks.

Thanks, but as mentioned above, I have Firefox checked in the preferences. Even so, my bookmarks don’t appear…

OK, I worked out how to do this.

I realised that Firefox no longer stores bookmarks in a “bookmarks.html” file, but rather in a “places.sqlite” database. In order to access your Firefox bookmarks, you need to export them into a “bookmarks.html” file and place that file into the “default” user profile in User/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles.

I made sure it was the “default” profile. If you are using a custom profile, you will need to first export the bookmarks from your custom profile, and then place the resulting “bookmarks.html” file in the “default” profile folder.

Once you have an uptodate “bookmarks.html” in the “default” Firefox profile, the DA browser should begin to talk with your bookmarks!


That’s right. Neither DEVONagent nor DEVONthink support this new format of Firefox (yet).