Can't get Classification to work

I am trying to get Classify to work, and I am currently getting 0% correct classifications (i.e. for my current incoming set of 25 documents the correct group never appears as one of the suggested groups in the “Magic Hat” panel). Now this could just be bad luck, but “See Also” works extremely well and there is a specific case I don’t understand.

For maybe 75% of the documents I am trying to classify, there is no doubt Devonthink establishes relationships correctly. Specifically, out of the 10 documents listed under “See Also” (in the bottom right panel) at least 9 (i.e. 90%) are all in the same folder. More importantly all 9 are in the exact folder I’d like to classify the current document to.

This folder does not appear in the list of folders in the Classify panel. All of the folders under classify have a low score (< 1/10th of the bard, color grey). None of the suggested folders are a subfolder or super folder of the correct folder.

This looks like a bug. Anything I can do to fix this?

EDIT: It almost looks like some groups are completely ignored for classification. Even for documents already filed in such a = group with 10/10 “See Also” documents also in this group the group does not appear in the classification panel.

Get the Info on each group via Tools > Show Info. Indexed groups are excluded from classification by default, but you can have other groups excluded as well.

Thanks, this was it. I am 100% indexed and somehow some groups were included and others excluded.

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it!

Follow-on question: How do I (1) change my 100+ groups to include them in classification and (2) ensure that new groups are automatically included?

Indexed groups will be excluded by default.

How are the groups structured in the database?

Hi Jim,

Can you explain how the classify works and why I would want it??? I have my entire Academic Resources folder INDEXED in Devonthink Pro Office - my lecture notes, files etc… I love the tagging and connections. I don’t synchronize, I just use DropBox on all my other devices as is. Anyway, can/should I turn classify on??