Cant' get the "Save to DEVONthink" Script working.

I created a new Folder “PDF Services” in HD:/Library and copied the script to this folder (tried the same in /User/Library). But I can’t find a way to use it.

The Script guide says

But my Print Panel does not provide that. Should it be like a new printer? Or a new button on the panel?

Any ideas? Sounds like a wonderful script, would love to use it…

See and

Not sure if this answers your question, but with the newest version of DT (I believe the script is automatically installed as you stated, since I have it there as well but didn’t install it manually) there is now an option, when printing as PDF, to save it in DT. If you press and hold the PDF button in the print window (should have sideways triangle in lower right-hand corner of the button) several options pop up. One of them is Save to DEVONthink.

Does this help?


That’s exactly whta I mean, yes. But it is not working on my iBook. At least, I know now how it is supposed to work. Thanks, Alexandria.

There’s no pop-up and no option when pressing “Save to PDF…” or any triangle, just the plain old “save to pdf…”-button.

Any other ideas out there?


let’s see if we can get this to work.

  • the correct location is a “PDF Services” folder in the library in your user folder. At least that’s where I keep my “save to dt”-script. But I think you said you tried this. But be sure: You create the folder “PDF services” in the Your_Username/Library folder itself, not in the Scripts folder!!
  • could it be that you are missing the “scpt” file ending? it looks like this in your screen shot. But maybe it is just not shown.

otherwise: no clue :frowning:

it works for me…

OK, Stupid Me. I’d put “PDF Services” in the “Scripts” Folder.

Sorry and Thanks. Shame on Me.