Can't import appleworks files

I am unable to import or drag and drop appleworks files (versions 5 &6) into Dt.I have tried folders nested within folders, just folders and just files single and multiple.
Also i search on image files and DT can’t find them (jpg, gif) even the file names are there.DT did  find a folder with a name that held images.Is this usual?


It’s currently not possible to import AppleWorks files - maybe a future version will support those documents, maybe Apple will provide a filter service or add this to the OS.

that’s unfortunate since i have many many appleworks files.anyone know of a batch converter to get them quickly into DT?
Also what about the search not finding the names of image files?this seems a major drawback


Looking through the manual and these forums i see that Dt can import RTF, plain, XMl ,html ,pdf.are there others?
Also one clickConvert at may allow for batch appleworks conversion.I’m waiting to hear back


Tried the demo of OneclickConvert as above and while there is a bit of a bug in the demo, when it did work it was very good and fast both for individual files and folders full of appleworks 5 and 6 converted to rtf.there was a limit of 30 files  allowed to test but seems promising to anyone needing a conversion to get their stuff into DT.I was able to import the files into Dt after the conversion


It would be helpful to get some audible and/or visible feedback when an import fails.  Sometimes I’m not sure how long to wait for DT.  Might also be helpful to get success feedback, such when using the Take Rich|Plain Text service.

When you’re interested in using DT as a file manager would it make sense to copy files into ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink/Files without doing any “database translation” (or whatever magic it does)?  Or is it too earlier to think too much of DT as replacing much of Finder’s file management functionality?

Mac OS X brings the windows of DEVONthink to the front after using a service. If there’s no window, the application icon inside the Dock bounces once.

Currently there are no plans to make a file manager of DT - the application will (probably) remain a database in the foreseeable future.

Ahh, thanks for the explanation.  I’d noticed that bounce while testing DEVONagent this morning.

I run CodeTek Virtual Desktop with DEVONthink running on one desktop.  When I use a DT service it doesn’t bring DT or its window(s) to the front, which is convenient because the current application (often Safari) still has focus so I can keep using it without interruption.

A workaround would be to leave DT windows closed so I can see the Dock icon bounce, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having them open on their own desktop.

Or even if I’d let the DT desktop to be active and check for new notes I’d usually have to scroll the Groups list (in Notpad view) to see them.  Not too efficient.

An option to enable the Dock icon bounce even if DT windows are open would give the reassuring feedback without moving from the active window/desktop.  Probably the same would be true for DA but I haven’t used it enough yet to be sure.

Okay, good to know your intentions… tho’ it’s already becoming a useful pseudo file manager for me anyway. :slight_smile:

DT 1.7.3 will always bounce.