Can't import from YouTube XML feed

I figured out how to get an XML feed from a YouTube playlist, but when I add it as a feed in DT, it doesn’t bring in any items. I am not sure why. Is it because it’s XML and not RSS? Or because the XML structure is not something DT recognizes? I’ve tried to search the forums, but I am not finding anything that seems similar. There is definitely data in the feed.

The feed URL is:

I had no issue getting RSS from this channel’s RSS URL:

It looks like you copied the link number (1) in the circle at the end of my link, because there’s a space and a 1 at the end of your URL bar. I’ll put it in a code block. I tried it in an incognito window and got content, so it doesn’t require authentication.

I tried the channel feed you posted, and that works in DT. So I’m definitely curious what result you get with my URL.

I decided to see if there was something invalid in the playlist field. And I got a weird result:

I put the xml url into two different online validators (so they loaded the XML directly from the URL). They both came back invalid initially, BUT only because there was a weird script tag at the end:

<script data-cfasync="false" src="/cdn-cgi/scripts/5c5dd728/cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js"></script>

If I remove that line in the validators, the XML is valid. Furthermore, that script line is NOT at the end of the document if I use a curl command to download it to my computer.

curl -o playlist.xml ""

Resulting file: (7.0 KB)

So I don’t know where the script tag is coming from, but it seems like it’s not coming from the XML source? Maybe DT is pulling it too somehow? How can I tell what XML DT is seeing?

The items in the feed are probably too old (see Preferences > RSS), try locking the feed and then refreshing it.

Ah ha! You’re right, that did the trick.

What does locking the feed have to do with downloading older items?

ETA: Another question: Is it an older item because of the date the video itself was published on YouTube? If I added another video to the list, would DT pick it up because it just showed up in the feed, even if the video was older? Or is it solely going by the date on the feed item, regardless of whether it is newly added to the feed?

Items of locked feeds aren’t automatically removed (or skipped due to their date).

DEVONthink just uses the dates of the feed, it doesn’t support Youtube in any way. And the dates are probably the publication dates.

I get that. It’s not necessarily YouTube specific, I just wondered if the new appearance of any item in a feed would show up, even if the item date was older.

Only if the feed is locked or removing of articles (see Preferences > RSS) is set to manual, otherwise too old items are never added.