Can't Install DEVONsphere Express


I’m sorry I waited so long after purchase to install my apps. I managed to install DTPO, DEVONagent Pro, and DEVONnote, but I can’t seem to install DEVONsphere Express.

I downloaded the application from your site. It downloads as a .zip file. OS X automatically unzips it, so I just drag the .app file into /Applications. When I try to start it, I get this error:

DEVONsphere Express is Not Properly Installed
Applications are best opened from a Mac OS X standard location such as the ‘Applications’ folder, not from an external volume, disk image, or some other location. Do you want to install DEVONsphere Express in the ‘Applications’ folder?

The above message has two buttons: Skip and Install.

I get the same message if I double-click the .app file in /Downloads.

No matter what I try, this is the message I get but there is no app to use. I can see DEVONsphere Express in Activity Monitor, along with “deleted” that appears every time I try to launch DEVONsphere Express.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem with the downloaded file perhaps?

Also, I can’t tell if I have the most current version (is there a v2)? Additionally, I see on your site that there’s DEVONsphere Express and DEVONsphere Server? I prefer ordering the pro versions of software to have access to all the features developers create, but perhaps Server is for companies, not individuals, and isn’t really the “pro” version?

I’m attaching my invoice in case that helps you.

Much thanks for any help! After the episodes on Mac Power Users, I’m really excited to get this up and running!

Okay, now I’m just complete embarrassed. The app appears to be running, but I failed to notice the leaf icon in the Menu Bar.

I’m still not sure why “delete” appears in Activity Monitor. And I shouldn’t have gotten that error when double-clicking the icon, yes?

Glad you found it. We will try and reproduce the problem here. Cheers!

Thank you, Jim!