Can't install Extras and spinning cursor

I’ve just reformat et reinstall my OS and my applications. Every time I open DEVONagent Pro (3.9.8 legacy) the screen with the Tutorials, the Tip of the day and Extra of the day never load. The two boxes constantly spin. Same if I clic Install extras at the bottom of the Welcome screen. Conclusion : I cannot install any extras. Is that a known problem? Regards and thanks for the answer.

Welcome @mdumais

Why are you running such an old version of DEVONagent Pro?

Excellent question, excellent answer (I hope) : it’s because i’m still using my good ol’ Mac Pro with High Sierra.



I may have to boot up one of my older Macs but try DEVONagent 3 > Empty Cache, then quit and relaunch DEVONagent. Does that resolve it?

As an aside: The M1 Mac Mini is a montrously good machine and definitely affordable. If you’re looking for an upgrade it’s incredibly fast and robust, and supports modern OSes. (And yes, I have one) :heart: :slight_smile: