Can't make any purchase

Hi, I have purchased DEVONSphere twice and helped my friend to order DEVONThink Sever from yesterday to now, but we haven’t received any license!!! I try to contact the Paddle support, but they didn’t solve this problem. Please help me!!!

You might want to contact Heike; users here in the forum are unlikely to be able to help. I believe Heike @hvolkmann deals with these issues at DT‘s end.

As this is the second post of this kind within minutes, perhaps there is a problem with the fulfilment system.

okay, thank u, I try to contact Heike again.

We have just replied to your support ticket with a question.

Can I give you the order details? Paddle didn’t answer me.




These three orders are still in process!!!

Please confine your replies to the ticket in our support system. Thanks!

okay, actually I have been replied on ticket(971029) for two hours, I have no answer. This problem is in hurry. I have paid almost two days. But I haven’t received anything! I also try to contact Paddle, no answer yet. So the only thing I can do is contact DEVON. Maybe you could help me.

I have claimed your ticket and will reply shortly.