Can't move items from Inbox into a database?


I am having an issue where some items cannot be dragged from the global Inbox to a database. If I attempt to drag and drop onto the database, the item will just snap back to its position in the Inbox. Using the context menu “move to” option also fails (nothing happens). Strangely some items move just fine, while others seem stuck.

I have tried restarting the application, verifying and repairing, but nothing seems to be working. I searched around but didn’t find much, any ideas?


Check Window > Log and you’ll likely see an error anout duplicate UUIDs, likely related to emails. You can’t have two records with the same UUID in the same database.

Thanks, this was the exact issue. Apparently many of the items I had already filed away but forgotten about.

I appreciate the help! I had forgotten about checking the log but that is a good general tip I need to remember.

No problem.

I regularly have this problem with duplicate UUIDs (most likely related to emails). This usually occurs when I move a folder with many items from a database of “active” projects to an Archive database. My challenge is I cannot figure out (easily) which are the “offending” items.

  • how can I identify items with duplicate UUIDs across databases?
  • how can I convert these to duplicates or replicants so that I can manage them more easily?



I am having the same issue, however, when I search for the duplicate, it is not to be found. In fact, the search only returns the item currently in the inbox I am trying to move.

Any chance to have an option so in lieu of an error like this, DT3 imports the “offending” item as a replicant?

That’s actually already implemented for the next maintenance release :slight_smile:

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