Can't OCR or Annotate some PDFs, strange settings?

I hame some problems with PDFs that I cant figure out. It’s not related to any password protection or ready-only mode… at least I think so. To give for example:

PDF1: Works perfect in DT. Identified as PDF+Text, annotation works, no ready-only icon, word count and identification works. This is the desired functions. In Finder marked as Security: None.

PDF2: Identified as PDF+Text, annotation works. It HAS a ready-only icon. OCR conversion works. Word identification works. In Finder marked as Security: Password Encrypted. Have however never given any password, but I guessing this gives the ‘ready-only’ icon.

PDF3: Identified as PDF Document. Marked as ready-only and annotation, OCR conversion, word count does NOT work. In Finder marked as Security: None.

PDF4: Identified as PDF Document. Marked as ready-only and annotation and OCR version does not work. Word identification does work. In Finder marked as Security: None.

PDF 1 & 2 are the preferred options. But I cant figure out what gives in this case. I’m guessing that there are som setting that affects that DT can do, but as security is none on several of them it’s also unclear.

Help please.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Please attach the files in question and clearly mark which is which. Thanks.

Actually, after some investigation I found that this was due to the fact that the files was index when they were offloaded by Dropbox to the cloud. Syncing them to the local this diden’t solve the issue, first when I deleted them and then re-added them was the issue solved.

Thanks for the follow-up!
Was the Dropbox behavior due to a setting in the Dropbox application?

Well… it was the result of the “Smart sync” function that had off-loaded the files to the cloud. The “problem” I experience was most likely due to the fact that I tried to index files in DT that already was off-loaded (except for a few). If indexed and then later off-loaded I have never experienced any issue. In fact the ‘smart sync’ function plays really nice with DT. If a off-loaded file is selected it is automatically downloaded and content showed, and then later automatically off-loaded again.

The only annoying thing I have seen is that when DT performs a sync it in the background has to download all off-loaded file. And usually this not a problem as Dropbox cleans up the files and off-loads them again automatically, but if you have a lot of files or large files and a small HDD disk can be an issue, and there is not way in DT to exclude a group from syncing, but that can also be considered a edge case.

So I really like how Dropbox and DT works together.