Can't open database (migrating from g4 powerbook to macbook)

Problem: after copying database from g4 powerbook to new mackbook, am unable to open database on new machine using DT professional

I made sure DT professional is licensed on the new machine. The database is intact, because I can boot from my firewire drive using a G5 I have access to and can open DT pro from the firewire drive, no problem.

I migrated my applications, data etc to a new macbook, and made sure DT is registered on the new machine. I copied the database folder from the old machine to the new machine.

But when I go to open the database folder DT won’t open the database, and just shows a list of grayed out options.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

This could be related to file permissions - please ensure that you’re allowed to read & write the copied database.

The problem has been solved–thanks to Bill and others in tech support. In case it may be helpful to others:

My database was originally created in the dark ages long ago in the days before the professional edition. Not sure why, but when I upgraded apparently my database structure did not get upgraded. DT pro (and maybe personal now, for all I know) stores the database as a package with extension .dtBase --once the folder where the database files were was renamed with the extension I was able to copy to my new machine and it functions normally. Thanks for the help from tech support! When my powerbook died, I could cope with missing most programs, but life was really hard with out DT. I’m so glad to have it back!