Can't open messages in Thunderbird, only Mail?


I am just beginning to use Devonsphere.

I have a strobe sensitivity and visual motion sensitivity. Since older versions of Mail hadn’t allowed me to disable blinking cursors, I had to migrate to Thunderbird.

I saw that Devonsphere returned some older emails as results, tried to open one, it insisted on opening in Mail. I then checked with a recent email, which I know was created in Thunderbird, but again Devonsphere didn’t let me open it in Thunderbird, only in Mail.

Is there some way to set Devonsphere to open files in users’ preferred and/or needed applications?

Right-click on the filename in DT3 and choose “Open With”

It only shows Mail, not Thunderbird.

A screen capture could be helpful.

What’s the file extension of the email?


Checking the dates, I was mistaken. It’s not picking up any results from after I switched to Thunderbird, so it’s not asking me to open any of those results in Mail.

The default email application is set by the operating system, not DEVONthink.

Drag an email to your desktop, select it and press Command-I. Switch the Open with dropdown to Thunderbird and press the Change All button.

If it’s not showing in the dropdown, it’s a file type not registered by Thunderbird. .eml files should be however.

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