Cant pinch and zoom

When I view an image or formatted note , I can’t seem to pinch and zoom. Is this not possible ? :open_mouth:

An image and a Formatted Note are two different things.
Images can be zoomed via pinching.
Formatted Notes cannot. (However, this may be a feature in the next major release of DTTG.)

Ahh, I had a formatted note that was just an image.

Seems when i imported my Evernotes, many of the items imported as formatted notes. Even though the note seems only to contain an image.

If you can add support for zooming that would be awesome!

Evernote Notes are proprietary HTML files. Our Formatted Notes are non-proprietary HTML files. :smiley: So the logical format for conversion from Evernote, is a Formatted Note.


Hi all - I’m in the same boat with this unfortunately. I’m currently trialing DTPRO and To Go and have imported everything from Evernote, obviously I had a lot of notes that only contained images and now I find that I can’t zoom in on them in To Go. Is there anyway to mitigate this in To Go? I have scanned docs that have been imported into formatted notes that are unreadable if not zoomed in and I can’t seem to find a way to convert them into any other format that allows me to do that.


Yes, frustrating. Seems like a simple fix or request.

It is definitely not a trivial thing to address. Text editing is the focus of the next major version of DTTG. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Ok I hear you!!

Patience is a virtue, lol.

I’d like to add a +1 to this as a feature request.

I’ve have various formatted notes that contain photos. In many cases the images are too small on a phone screen (DTTG v3.2.2) and there appears to be no way to zoom in. Pinch and zoom seem like an obvious way to address this with DDTG.


And another +1 from me also. For now, I convert the rich edit notes with images to PDF (which are zoomable on the phone) but that is a bit of a hassle and duplication of material.

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