Can't purchase DTTG in Appstore


I’d like to purchase DTTG but I don’t see the option. Only subscriptions appear - which I don’t like.

Can you please advise?

Just open DEVONthink To Go and when it asks you for a subscription or one-time purchase, choose your option.

You never buy one-time purchases in the App Store app because Apple only supports buying and managing subscriptions from the App Store itself. One-time purchases are bought and managed inside the apps themselves.

Really? I don’t think this is the case in the US store. See the attached screenshot.

That’s the third option: an up-front payment. It means you cannot download the app without paying and is not connected to in-app purchases. We opted for the latter to allow a free trial by subscribing and immediately unsubscribing; up-front payments wouldn’t allow this.

Aha! Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering if the App Store behaved differently in different locales.

No, they should behave mostly the same across the world.