Can't remove a specific tag from files

I have a group of files all with the same set of tags. I want to remove one of the tags, but each time I remove it from a file, then select a different file, it reappears when I select the file again. I can remove any of the other tags, just not this one for some reason.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to lock a tag to file to prevent accidental removal, or something similar?

Have you enabled inherite tags in the database property? If so, the tag of the folder will be applied to the content

No, that’s not enabled, but thanks for the suggestion.

is the folder tagged? What is when you delete the tags in Finder using Get Info? Is the tag in question visible on the sidebar under tags? Are you using nested tags?


It’s likely due to nested tags, I’d guess.
Is that the case?

That’s exactly what it was. Thank-you Jim.

You’re welcome, though I see @SteffisCloud had also mentioned it :slight_smile: