Can't Remove Global Smart Group

Sorry to follow up my last question with a second. I’m starting to worry that my Global Inbox is corrupt?

While testing why Database Properties is unavailable for the Global Inbox (might have figured out something; I’ll update my post), I created a smart group with two rules: Tag is ux and Tag is ui.

The smart group found 18 documents. The test over, I wanted to remove the smart group. I right-clicked the global smart group and chose Remove. I got an error beep, but nothing happened. If I chose Move to Trash, the group and all 18 documents moved to the trash. Thank the gods for Undo Delete!

No matter what I did, I could not remove the smart group. Eventually, I deleted both Tag is rules, the articles disappeared from the smart group, and I just moved it to the trash again.

Why doesn’t Remove work? Any ideas?

Much thanks as always,

I’m not seeing any issue using the Remove command with global smart groups.

  • Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?
  • Does it persist after rebooting the machine?

Only smart groups inside databases can be moved to the trash, therefore it doesn’t seem to be a global one. In addition, the smart group still shows found results in the trash but this doesn’t have any impact on them (as long as you didn’t trash them too).