Can't repair database

Hi folks,
I’ve found similar (but usually unresolved) issues elsewhere so forgive the overlap with other threads. I have a database that is years old and has come through all the versions of DV and DV to go since 2016. I’m currently running 3.6.3 on the Mac.
I’m trying to move to iCloudKit and doing one at a time. This one reports ‘Failed database verification, please repair the database.’
Repair does not solve it, I get ‘1 inconsistency’. The log does not tell me where it is as it does with other errors so I have no idea where it is in the database. I tried rebuilding it, but it didn’t solve the problem.
It last synced successfully in Feb (I use it erratically). Annoyingly, because I rebuilt it, I can’t now look for whatever I added since then as everything reports it was added just now;)

If I did add something, it will be important so I’m loathe to chuck this away and redownload from the cloud (legacy).
This database syncs with my iPhone and iPad too on whatever the latest version is (auto-update, and I went to DTG 3 fairly soon after it was released).
Any suggestions? All help gratefully received…

This has been reported several times on the forums, but here’s the basic steps…

  1. Clear Window > Log.
  2. Do a File > Verify & Repair on the database.
  3. Press Repair when prompted.
  4. Press Ok in the next dialog.
  5. Check Window > Log for zero-byte files.
  6. Control-click a result and choose Reveal if you’d like to see where the file resides in the database. Then use the Move to Trash option.
  7. Empty the database’s Trash to remove the zero-byte files.
  8. Repeat the steps with other databases as needed.

Thanks. What I was missing was having the log open already as it wasn’t showing until I did that.

No problem.