Can't scan using beta 3 and HP C7280 all-in-one

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Installed beta 3

  2. Downloaded and installed the OCR piece

  3. Logged out and back in

  4. Chose File>Import>Document (via ExactScan)

  5. ExactScan loads, and a Select Source dialog box appears, with HP ScanPro Twain preselected

  6. I click OK

  7. ExactScan appears to call the HP scanner software, with Scan To ExactScan set in the lower right.
    8) I click Accept to (try) to start the scan, and

  8. Nothing happens.

The same thing occurs more or less using ImageCapture.

Could you please send this to support(at) so that we can easily forward your report to the ExactCode team?


Was a solution found for this? I have the same problem with b6.