Can't select multiple mailboxes in Import Email window

Hi guys. Sorry if I’m missing something here but I can’t seem to select multiple mailboxes in the Import Email window (i.e. the window that appears when I select File > Import > Email). In the excellent “Getting Started with Devonthink 2.0” by Joe Kissell, it says that multiple mailboxes can be selected by control-clicking, but this isn’t working for me. I can only select one mailbox at a time. Any help here much appreciated.

This is not possible and honestly, not a good idea (unless the mailboxes are small). I just responded to a Support Ticket on just this topic. Emails are best imported in batches of < 1000. (I’d suggest 500, if someone makes the time.)

OK thanks. This is interesting – what are the risks of importing high volumes of emails then? I thought DTPO could handle thousands of messages at once. I’ve just used to important a complex hierarchy containing 6,000 messages and everything seems fine… Should I not be doing this? And how can I tell if I’ve got problems?

The biggest risk is an application stall. There won’t be data corruption of your original messages but an unresponsive application is not what you want to see either.

DEVONthink can handle large numbers of files, but importing is a resource intensive process. If you have a more modern machine with more resources, import will benefit from it.

I look at it this way: If I try and eat a 20oz steak in one bite, I run the risk of choking. But if I consume it in smaller pieces, it goes down nice and easy (and deliciously. Apologies to the herbivores in the crowd. :mrgreen: ) And even if my mouth and throat were bigger, there’s no harm eating in smaller portions. :smiley:

Note: My suggestion is based on good practices, in general. Your experience may be different, good or bad, depending on the resources you have available.