Can't Select "On Demand" in DTTG Databases

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the “On Demand” toggle to stick when I’m in a database’s properties. Here’s a screen recording of what I’m seeing.

I’m syncing this database to a new phone and the file size just keeps increasing regardless of how many times I try to enable the “On Demand” toggle instead of “Always”.

Anyone know how to fix this?

The sync store that synchronized this database, is it set to “On Demand” or “Always”?

It is set to “On demand”

The file size shown in the Info popup has nothing to do with whether a database is fully or shallowly synced.
It is reporting the aggregate size of the items found in the database, not the size of the database package itself.

Note the file clearly shows it’s 812.5Kb and it’s shallowly synced, evidenced by the cloud icon in the details but also the link to download in the view/edit pane.

So this file has not been downloaded into the database and yet, what does the Info popup report? 812.5Kb

The only thing I see wrong here is the visual artifact where On demand is active yet the switch doesn’t appear to show that state. (And this is a new, never before used or sync database, only syncing to DEVONthink To Go via Bonjour.) @eboehnisch ?

Ah that makes sense – I was wondering if that was the case with the Info popup window.

I’m fine with it just being a visual glitch, but it would be nice to see it fixed in a future release.

If my sync store is set to “On demand” any databases synced via that sync store will default to “On demand” as well, correct?

So as long as I’ve got my sync store set to “On demand” and I don’t manually change any databases within it to “Always”, I should be golden, right?

Correct, though you can change the setting to Always on specific databases or groups as needed.

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