Can't send selected text to DevonThink

I just got DevonAgent and DevonThink pro. I have been having trouble clipping from Agent to Think. I browsed the forums and tried rebooting. This got me to where I can send a web page to Think, but I cannot send selected text from the digest page to think.

All links on the “Add to DevonThink” menu are greyed out. I am baffled by this, has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong.

Greetings frango,

If you search for “Data Menu” in the DEVONagent documentation you will find that most of the “Add to DEVONthink” sub-menu choices are only available from DA’s Web browser, not from DA’s Digest page. If you want to clip text from a Digest page, you can still use the Services Menu to “Take Rich Note”, “Take Plain Note”, etc. You can also choose to “Show Groups” in DT and drag a selection of text from the Digest page into the appropriate folder in DT. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I was starting to suspect as much. I use this kind of clipping a lot in other applications, and it just would have been nice to save a few steps by clipping directly from the digest window.

How do you go from selected text in the Digest window to the same text in the pages window. I would have thought that selected text or topics in the Digest would automatically be highlighted in the Pages window. They seem like two totally separate views into the search with no way of navigating selections bewteen Digest and Pages.

As Greg noted above, you can indeed clip selected text from the Digest window to your database. A convenient way to do that is with the Groups floating panel. That’s a one-step process. Just select and drag to the desired group in the Groups panel.

To set up the Groups panel for such use:

[1] Make sure that DT Pro > Preferences > General - Interface shows the option Hide “Groups” panel when inactive is not checked.

[2] Select Tools > Show Groups. Move the Groups panel to the right side of your screen. Minimize it to the Dock. When you wish to use it, just click on the icon in the Dock.

Yes, the Digest view and the Pages view are different. The Digest view is doing a lot of extra work for you.

Thanks Bill, that goes a long way to ramping up my productivity with Devon tools.

Now if only someone could explain to me how to go from a selected piece of text in the Digest view to the web page it appears on…

It is clear that when you click on a topic in the Digest view, that the text that shows up in the borwser is associated with the pages in that topic, so I assume it is sumarizing text from all the pages in that topic? Can the seperate pages be broken out or associated somehow with the summarized text.

OK I promise this is the last question until after I RTFM :wink:

Digest summaries are by Web page, and each digest summary ends with the URL of the page.