Can't unsubscribe from DA Tips?

The DevonAgent Tips emails have no unsubscribe link. While the emails say I will be automatically unsubscribed when I receive the last tip, that’s not good enough. I subscribed by mistake and do not want to receive these emails at all.

Email best practice is to include an unsubscribe option with all mass mailings. Any other behavior is likely to land your domain on a spammer list.


Or, in the US, cause you trouble with the CAN-SPAM Act police. :wink:

Doing legitimate/legal/reliable “no budget” bulk mailing can be a hassle (based on relatively recent experience attempting it) and get pricey quick using services like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, etc. (with Amazon SES possibly being a most cost-effective alternative). Any suggestions (optionally via PM) how considerably less technically savvy people than me can inexpensively bulk mail +7000 (and growing) recipients would be appreciated.

As there are only five to eight tips per application we considered an unsubscribe link merely unnecessary. I have manually removed you from the list.

Thanks for the removal.

Had the email explained that there were only 5-8 tips, I might have been less irritated. But it didn’t, and I recently had to deal with my cellphone provider sending me a seemingly endless list of totally useless tips. :open_mouth:

An unsubscribe link is still necessary, though. I have three different email addresses, and don’t necessarily want such tips to go to the address that the application auto-loads. An unsubscribe link makes it easier to correct accidental subscription of the wrong address. It’s also just good manners.