Can't upgrade from monthly subscription to lifetime

I’ve used the monthly subscription to try DDTG, now I’m trying to buy the lifetime license but I’m unable to upgrade It (except for the annual plane).

Just cancel the monthly subscription. Wait for it to expire. When DEVONthink To Go asks for money again, choose the one-time purchase.

One can never buy one-time purchases through the App Store app.


Waiting until the expiration will make me miss the black friday discount :cry:

I’m very sorry. We constructed the mechanics of this so to keep people from accidentally buying both a subscription and a one-time purchase. Therefore they’re exclusive.


Is there maybe a workaround for this? Uninstalling for example?

I think It’s related to the appstore account so unless changing It there is no way.

That’s correct. Using a different Apple ID would be the only option. It’s a side effect of making both subscriptions and one-time purchases possible at the same time while trying to keep things simple and not charging double.

@eboehnisch Will I be able to use a student discount on DTTG ? (already approved by you)

Unfortunately no. The App Store is a separate entity run solely by Apple and under the rules. We don’t even get data about who is our customer and who is not. In the App Store we are only the app deliverers.

There are student discounts but you have to apply through your institute or organisation.

Will asking for a refund of my previous subscription help in that case? I was on a monthly one.

Why would you ask for a refund if you’re going to move to a one-time purchase? :thinking:

As @eboehnisch has mentioned above, I can’t purchase the one time version if my subscription is still valid, so I was wondering if by invalidating my subscription, I may be able to purchase the one time version during black friday

Apple refunds from what I have heard take 7-10 days to process, so the Black Friday sale discount will likely be gone before you get a decision from Apple. I understand and appreciate your efforts to be thrifty, but the sale is a $5.00 US discount. What’s your time and/or your frustration at ‘missing out’ on a $5.00 discount worth?


lol true that

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1.Download DTTG with another apple id.
2.Open DTTG (now it’s unsubscribed)
2.Switch your ID back to the previous one(with monthly subscription)
3.Open DTTG, Now you can make your One-time purchase.

Welcome @Arktika
Interesting approach though it does require using another Apple ID. Not a huge hurdle but it is likely uncommon for people to have more than one.

Frankly, I’d be skeptical that it could work. At launch I would expect that any app with a subscription option would automatically check for an active subscription.

It’s possible but @eboehnisch would have to weigh in on those App Store mechanics.

I’d also doubt if that works but it might. The mechanics of the App Store are sinister and obscure.

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