Can't use Export as Website feature

Been trying to use the Export as Website feature, but I’m not getting anywhere… :frowning:
I have a domain where my website is located, with room enough to have the entire database online. But I’m not shure about what does the Export as Website feature.
So, I export from DT to, let’s say, my desktop. Some folders are created and also a .css website. Double clicking on that last file, opens Safari, but it only shows a bunch of random text (html, I think). What should I do after exporting from DT to my desktop. I assume that I would simply upload those folders and the .css to my Public.html folder, as I did with the website, but, if I do this is it going to work or will it erase my website and replace it for the .css website?

I’m sorry if this is confusing, but I’m not really an expert in those matters. But I’d love to learn.


Just create a subfolder on your webserver and upload the exported stuff into this subfolder via FTP/WebDAV. This will ensure that nothing’s going to be overwritten.

But the exported files/folders don’t contain a search or navigation (although a navigation can be done by creating one or more rich text documents and adding cross-links to them) and that’s what you’re interested in as far as I remember.

File > Export as Web site will save to a designated folder on your hard drive HTML, graphic and other files in a way that can be uploaded for viewing as a Web site, e.g. on your .Mac account.

When DT Pro was introduced there was a tutorial database that both presented the features. To illustrate the principle of Export as Web site. I created a Welcome page as the start or index page and included the referenced material in folders and subfolder under that index page.

I added navigational hyperlinks from and back to the Welcome page, just as one would do in creating a Web site. It’s probably not necessary to put links on every document – browsers do have Back buttons, after all. But you would need to create a rich text document with links to the main segments of your database that you want the viewer to have access to.

Here’s the URL of that old Tutorial database as a Web site. I’ve kept it up on my .Mac account as an example.

Hope this helps.

Thank you both, cgrunenberg and Bill_DeVille. I think I got the picture now. It’s only a matter of time to experiment and learn.

You’ve been most helpfull.