Can't View .Docx Files

I am only seeing an icon for .docx files. I just recently bought a new laptop and can’t remember if I could see them before. I have the same issue when using Quicklook for .docx files outside of DT.

Can anybody else use QL for .docx files?

Yes, .docx files are readable under Quick Look both in my database and in the Finder.

Do you have Word’s Preferences > Save set to save with a preview?

Yes…is that correct or should it not be set???

My prefs for Word is set to Save with preview. Don’t know if that’s necessary to view Word docs under Quick Look, but it is necessary to view Pages docs under Quick Look. I found that Pages files that had been saved without preview were not rendered under Quick Look. So you might try opening up your .docx file under Word and re-saving it with preview checked.

As noted, on my computer .docx documents are rendered under Quick Look, and the little “text” button will alternatively toggle a rich text view that allows copying extracts to the clipboard.

Ok…this is odd. I just created a .docx file from scratch and it views fine in or out of DT with QL.

Most to the files I had been testing were created first as .doc and then daved later as .docx. I wonder if this was the source of the problem>