Capture (export) from Inoreader to Formatted Note

I’m a fanboy of DT and Inoreader. And I wanted to do the ultimate action: instead of capture to DT from WEB, directly capture from Inoreader (that is most of the captures I do)… with the inoreader sanitized HTML, that is not best than DT one, but I like more.

Then I’ve asked them how to export an entry. Inoreader client (web and I think ios/android app as well) has the option to export an entry via url (like, for example,[URL]&t=[TITLE]&s=[CONTENT]).

My question now is how I can capture this in DT. I’m thinking in enable DT web access and then capture the entry that way, but perhaps there is an easy way to do it, perhaps via script.

Thanks in advance.

Yes. Formatted Note reflows and has an easy way to modify the content, at least in macOS.

PDF from Inoreader has the wrong page and text sizes, and they become difficult to read in iOS. Page too big, text too little and lines too wide for a comfortable read.

I used to capture PDF from Safari preview, and still do, but I prefer formatted note. Sometimes the captured stuff has things I dont want, or joins words, or breaks images between pages, or continue text from side of the image… and Formatted note is the easiest way to remove/update those issues.

I’ve managed a way to send from Ino to DT with the next URL:


However, this only works from Safari in iOS and not from the Ino application. And lacks encoding information, then the HTML received into DTTG has issues with foreing languages like mine (Spanish).

I think this is an endpoint if DT does not have some tricks under the carpet…